Lab Coat Moments.

“I feel like a real scientist when I get my lab coat on. It’s like all of the sudden I’m ready to get down to business. See, look how official I am. I’m going to make something today.”- Kiyneeanay, 8th grader at KiPP West Philadelphia Preparatory

Students feel empowered when they put on a lab coat. The FirstHand Lab takes these “lab coat moments” a step further – giving students a place to wear them as they undertake real-life science. By dedicating one of the Science Center’s labs to FirstHand programs, we’re providing students with a space not just to learn, but to take ownership, build confidence and transform themselves into real scientists. In the midst of active working labs on the Science Center campus, the FirstHand Lab provides educators and students a collaborative learning space rich in resources, as well as the opportunity to learn new ways of thinking through formal programming.

What Will You Find in the Lab?

Everything you need to conduct a safe, innovative experiment.

  • Space for 15 students and two adults
  • Lab benches
  • Fume hood
  • Sinks and cold storage
  • Laptop stations
  • Laser cutter
  • Drill press and hand tools
  • Whiteboard and projectors