Lab Coat Confidential: A Gamer’s Take on Graphic Design

Project Inquiry students have been putting their newly-acquired graphic design skills to work!  After meeting with Evol Science co-founder Vikram Bhattacharjee, four teams of students are working to develop a rebrand strategy for Evol, getting advice along the way from Dylan Garner, a branding expert at Cohere.

Jaquil, a sophomore at School of the Future, has long dreamed of being a graphic designer and is enthusiastic about building his skillset through Project Inquiry.  Read on to learn about his passion for game design and why he likes being a “weirdo!”

Jaquil uses Adobe Illustrator to prepare his team’s logo for laser-cutting.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Play games. The game I play most is Minecraft; it’s creative. Anything you want that game to be, you can do…it’s up to your imagination.  I made my neighborhood in Minecraft.  It looks just like my area.  I’ve always wanted to make games based on my life, and in order to do that I need to learn more about computers and graphic design.

So, have you been into graphic design for a while?
Yeah, I’ve always been into it.  There was a program at my middle school for graphic design.  I grew up on games, and games are all about graphic design. My dad’s a graphic designer, though he does work for businesses while I’m on the games side.

How’s Project Inquiry going?
It’s a good fit for me. Graphic design… that’s what I need to boost my career, but my school hasn’t had graphic design for like five years now.  I never knew how to print a T-shirt before, something that graphic designers do. You taught me how to make a shirt in one day! I was like OK, I can dig this. So I’m really enjoying the program.

How would you describe yourself?
I consider myself the weirdo. I’m very weird and very shy.  When I’m up in front of everyone I cover my face for some reason. That’s been happening since elementary school. That’s where I can grow as a person — not be shy all the time. But I like being the weirdo.   People these days, they’re all the same — they follow somebody, like a designer, and everybody does it.  I don’t like staying with the group. People say, “you’re weird”, and I’m like, “I know I am.”

Who’s a role model in your life?
My older brother.   He was on the same track – he went to a school for graphic design — but then he got into sports and now he’s playing football for Villanova.

If you could travel anywhere in time or space, where would you go?
I have two answers for this.  I’ve always wanted to go to Paris or London, because that’s where the real graphic design is.  I’d love to go there. But also, outer space.  I want to go somewhere where there’s another kind of life.  Not in this universe, even.  Like, another planet with a whole new type of life. I’d love to go there before anyone else.