Lab Coat Confidential: Future Veterinarian

Meet Sandy, an eighth grader at Alain Locke School who aspires to become a veterinarian. She and her classmates are currently enrolled in Polymer Play, where they have made and tested colorful bioplastic in addition to fusing plastic bags. They’ve also learned about science careers and cancer diagnostics while visiting the lab of a mentor scientist.


Please share one of your favorite inventions or a cool idea you have for an invention.
I don’t like wearing safety goggles so I will make lenses that just hover around your eyes. I don’t really make inventions, I just kind of come up with something in the moment and if it works, it works, and if it doesn’t, I just try again.

As a curious person…
I like to discover and find out new things and fix problems. I like to help other people when I can.

Why do you care about STEAM subjects?
Because it expands your mind. You get to think about different things that you could be. I like science. It’s just cool to see how everything works. Like if it’s your body, an animal’s body, anything. It’s cool to see how it works. At the root, the beginning of it, to see how it works and how it started.

If you could become an expert in any topic, what would it be?
Veterinary sciences because I want to be a veterinarian.

Describe one of your favorite experiences at FirstHand.
The first day. Just coming here the first day, getting to see all the Science Center labs, it was cool. You feel like you’re a part of it. You feel like you’re doing something.

When I put on a FirstHand lab coat, I feel…
Like a scientist, like a doctor. I like wearing the lab coat.

If you could go on a school trip anywhere in time or space, where would you go?
The day I was born because I want to change my name. No, I love my name because it’s different. No one in my school has the name Sandy.