Lab Coat Confidential: Women, drills, and design

Devin, an eighth grader at Chester A. Arthur, has been participating in DNA Selfie since February. She and her peers have used microscopes to capture “selfies” of their cheek cells and have investigated the importance of DNA’s helical shape. Now Devin is designing a commercial product that is inspired by the shape of the helix.

Devin has enjoyed the opportunity to “learn new things – fun new things” this semester at the FirstHand Lab while examining links between form and function, both in nature and in engineering. Check out what else she has to say about her interests and hobbies!

DSC01103 DSC01108

Please share one of your favorite inventions or a cool idea you have for an invention.
An idea I have for an invention is a waterproof phone.

Who is your role model?
My role model would be Skylar Diggins because I want to be a basketball player when I get older. I play for the school, and we only lost one game out of the whole season.

As a curious person…
I like to research things. For example, if someone says “don’t look up this” or “don’t look up that,” I will look it up because I want to figure out more about it.

What do you do in your free time?
I am a fashion designer — I sometimes make my own clothes. I use a sewing machine and fabric, but if it’s a small little cloth, I will sew it by hand. If I have a fashion show, I will just make the clothes. I do fashion shows probably twice a year with my uncle.

If you could take a class in any subject, what would it be?
English. I love reading. I like to read chapter books and drama.

Describe one of your favorite experiences at FirstHand.
My favorite experience was learning how to use the drills and the saws last week. It was fun. You know men tell us that women can’t do a lot of things. But women can do things just like men can.

If you could go on a field trip anywhere in time or space, where would you go?
To Paris. I like their art. I would go to Paris in the past. I want to figure out how they began their art, and learn the history of Paris.

When I put on a FirstHand lab coat, I feel…
Excited — because I’m going to learn something new.