Plug In & Power Up

AmpItUp explore the inner workings of the batteries and circuits that power our daily activities. Step into the world of electrochemistry and tinker with designing different types of batteries and experimenting with electrical circuits. Visit real-life labs with Science Center resident companies, learn about soldering irons, multimeters, laser cutters and hand tools, and get inspired for your team’s final projects. At the end of the program, an exhibit of all the final projects will to be presented to the public at the Science Center.

AmpItUp is 2.5 hours, once a week for 11 weeks.


“The programming offered through the Science Center’s STEAM Initiatives has given our students an opportunity to see and participate in real-life applications of the concepts they learn in school.”

John W. Spencer

principal at Samuel B. Huey School

“One of my favorite experiences is when other people come in, like experts, and they help us, or when we go to another lab to learn about another career, like creating video games. It helps us, it gives us more inside info on the subject that we are talking about.”


8th grader at KIPP West Philadelphia Preparatory