The Philadelphia Science Center Creates Success By Fusing Innovation, Art, and Community

PHILADELPHIA-(September 3, 2017)-Philadelphia is having a renaissance. Ignored by its big sister New York, the city is quietly producing major artists and tech start-ups worthy of note. Around $13 billion worth from its incubator programs. It’s enough to make those who still sniff at the idea of  art when it comes to developing new tech, sit up and notice.

Many around the world consider the current art + tech movement to be new, but it has been flourishing in Philadelphia since 1963 when the University City Science Center was established as an urban renewal project. Today, it is run by 31 academic institutions and shareholders and is a bustling amalgam of over 20 companies, labs, scientists and entrepreneurs with supportive mentorship and networking programs to help companies launch. It also has a slew of programs focused on bringing art and science together for the community creating a new paradigm of integration and win-win collaboration between businesses and citizens that will hopefully inspire similar structures in other cities.  Click here to read more.

Via Forbes